New Categories for Freelancers Introduced!

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TechHub Connect is a project of the Entrepreneurial Wing of the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). Set up in February 2014, TechHub Connect is the first public co-working space, built to cater to the needs of the freelancing community. Till date, it has accommodated more than 500 freelancers, providing them with state-of-the-art office space, high speed internet, help in business development, trainings on personal development and much more.


At the moment, TechHub Connect is accepting applications for its 8th cycle of freelancers, the deadline for which is 13th June, 2016. This time around we have introduced revised criteria which will enable us to cater to a much broader range of freelancers. In the 4 month long cycle, the following categories of freelancers will be accommodated:


  • Freelance Beginner
  • Mid-level Freelancer
  • Expert Freelancer
  • Small team of Freelancer
  • Freelancer Project Managers


Why should you join?

In the first month, freelance beginners will be paired up with Expert freelancers through a mentor trainee program where they will be taught project based freelancing. The expert freelancers will run their trainees through the projects that they are doing. This learning-by-doing approach will ensure effective learning.


In the second month, these freelancers will be paired up with Freelance Project Managers who will help and teach these beginners to bid for projects and help them bid for their first project. The beginners can then embark upon their freelancing journey, either from our co-working space or from their homes. Mid-level freelancers can also network and take advice from expert freelancers of their domains, while at the same time pair up with new freelancers to bid as teams.


Expert freelancers will get a chance to network with other like-minded people in the freelancer community and we will give them the recognition that they deserve. Moreover, they will get a chance to nurture more people, form partnerships and develop their own teams, something that the profession of freelancing lacks currently.

To apply as beginner, mid-level or expert freelancer, click here.


Some of you might be freelancers who work in teams. This time TechHub Connect will be taking applications of such teams as well.

To apply as a small team, click here.


Last but not the least, project managers/bidders can now also opt for a space in TechHub Connect. They will not only get freelancers of diverse skill sets who can help them deliver projects but they will in turn help other freelancers get projects too.

To apply as a project bidder/manager, click here.


Deadline to apply 13th June, 2016.


Happy Applying. 🙂

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