As Trainee

Foreelancing Workshop

While working in this field of freelancing everybody faces difficulties, even the most talented people. This workshop aims to provide you with the skills and confidence that will help you thrive on the inevitable unpredictability of the freelancing life. We help you develop good habits and strategies so that you are more likely to survive and thrive as a creative freelancer. This workshop will examine the key challenges that most freelancers experience at some point. This workshop is also useful for people who are new to freelancing as well as valuable for more experienced freelancers who wish to take a fresh look at how efficiently they are running their working lives. You can deal with the major and minor obstacles that can hinder your freelancing career. People who want to earn online, freelancing is a good start for all of them. You can communicate with other freelancers as well. You can do networking with mentors. We scheduled foreelancing workshops from zero to end that covers all the basics of freelancing. It focuses on the discussion of motivation and how to use your goals and other strategies to help you stay engaged and proactive. These workshops are free for all selected members.


Following are the freelancing domains:

  • Freelancing in Android Development
  • Freelancing in Basic Graphic Design
  • Freelancing in Front-End Web Development
  • Freelancing in Front-End Development Angular Js
  • Freelancing in Back-End Development PHP
  • Freelancing in Back End Development (.Net, SQL Server 2016 Database Development)
  • Freelancing in WordPress Development