Doers Discussion with Fiverr Stars

Event Date: 
Saturday, January 5, 2019

The Fiverr Pakistan presented 'Doers Discussion with Fiverr Stars'. The main purpose of the event was to make people aware with the latest Fiverr terms of services and helping people who are already selling on Fiverr about quality control, time management and how to communicate with their clients in a professional and managed way. The event had an attendance of 150+ people and was led by 3 top motivational speakers - Zeeshan Khalid (Fiverr PRO seller), Usama Arshad (Top rated seller on Fiverr), and Kashif Taj (Top rated seller on Fiverr).

  • Usama Arshad spoke about how to avoid cancellation of orders and violations in freelancing.
  • Zeeshan Khalid spoke about how to maintain quality services and enhance business being a freelancer.
  • Kashif Taj spoke about to communicate with a client and get responses out of them.