Foreelancing Workshop

Foreelancing Workshop is an initiative of TechHub Connect( Project of Punjab Information Technology Board). As part of giving back to the community, TechHub Connect’s Management has empowered its top ranked freelancers to share their knowledge. Together, we hold workshops for people who want to take up freelancing as a career.

After experimenting once, we have designed a different program this time. The focus on the workshop is not just to teach freelancing but to polish your skills as well. This 6 week long workshop will be from Monday to Friday from 4pm to 6pm. Shortlisted candidates will be learning freelancing in iOS Application Development, Graphic Designing, Web Development, WordPress & Android Development. Once the workshop commences, one skill course will be taught each week.


  • Week 1: IOS Application Development Workshop
  • Week2: Graphics Designing Workshop
  • Week3: Web Development Workshop
  • Week4: WordPress Workshop
  • Week5: Android Development Workshop
  • Week 6: Profile Building Workshop (Compulsory to learn Freelancing)


Till date TechHub Connect has given market a number of freelancers under this project who are now working at full pace and producing quality work.